Kudos Culture Accelerator

Professionally engineered engagement campaigns keep culture at the forefront.

A screenshot of the Kudos platformA screenshot of the Kudos platform

Boost employee engagement with campaigns

The Kudos® Culture Accelerator uses professionally designed, in-app campaigns to spark moments of appreciation and facilitate fun activities year-round. Campaigns are personalized with your company brand and messaging to ensure they hit the mark.

Launch, Measure, Repeat

Launch your campaigns directly in the Kudos campaign dashboard, analyze the results of your campaign with advanced analytics and reporting that illustrates exactly how your culture is growing and improving.

A screenshot of the Kudos platformA screenshot of the Kudos platform

Collaborative culture building

Work with a Kudos Program Designer to map out your organization’s culture vision, determine which campaigns will best support your goals, and personalize collateral with your company’s brand. Your annual plan will help you to stick to your vision and measure the results.

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Give your culture a chance to shine

How you recognize your employees should reflect your unique culture. We built the Kudos platform as highly configurable because impactful recognition requires authenticity. Check out all the ways you can put your values, goals, and brand at the forefront of your recognition experience.

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The Impact of Employee Recognition Across Industries

Employee recognition differs by industry. Knowing how to use it strategically can have an undeniable impact on your business’ success.

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