Make It Your Own

It’s all about your culture.

Your brand

Personalize your recognition experience with your brand elements and your collateral. Because we’ve added branding flexibility to features like banners, widgets, awards, and programs, using Kudos feels familiar and welcoming.

Your values

Every message of recognition sent in Kudos is framed around your company values. This helps to socialize what’s most important to your organization while also contributing to incredibly valuable people data.

Pulse Surveys

Your awards

With Kudos, you can create awards that speak directly to what’s important to your business, your culture, and your employees. Awards are an essential tool for honoring major achievements and top performers – especially when they reflect your values and your goals.


Your rewards

Kudos’ rewards storefront is highly configurable, allowing you to build the ideal rewards experience for team. World-class rewards, tailored to suit your budget and your culture.

Kudos Rewards
Kudos Rewards
Kudos Rewards

Your tools

Kudos integrates with all the platforms you already use, making everything easier. From getting your users on board, to sending recognition using the communication tools you’re already using, integrations make everything easy.


Your memories

Create a space where employees feel welcome by sharing photos of company life, important events, and celebrations using Galleries. Kudos also becomes a hub for culture with Spaces – where you can create custom multimedia content to share with your whole team.

Spaces & Galleries

Your culture

Kudos gives you access to people analytics that can change the way you think about culture and engagement. Instantly gain access to information about how people and departments work together, how your values are being lived, and much more.

People Data

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Building a better culture can seem overwhelming – we get it, and we’re here to help. Our amazing team of recognition and culture experts will guide you through everything you need to know to be successful with Kudos. And we’ll support you throughout your recognition journey.

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