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Get To Know Your People Better

Go beyond creating a culture of appreciation by complementing your recognition program with continuous, real-time employee feedback. Feedback in the form of a poll or pulse survey enables you to gather unbiased, unfiltered insights by empowering employees to voice their opinions.

Asking your team for feedback is an excellent way to gather new ideas and measure employee sentiment & engagement. Involving your employees and considering their feedback is also a fantastic way to generate engagement within your team.

Kudos includes several feedback tools to help you measure engagement and solicit feedback.

  1. Kudos® Pulse8: These 8 questions measure team member engagement in 4 critical areas. These can be tracked over time to measure changes and improvements by individual, group, department, location, divisions or the entire company   
  2. NPS: The universal simple standard that gives you a quick measure at key intervals to see how the company is doing. Incredibly simple and incredibly insightful. We didn’t invent it but we wish we did.
  3. Custom Polls: Find out what's on your team’s mind by asking for team event ideas, nominations for an award, or for more detailed anonymous feedback.    

Kudos’ simple, streamlined, fast, and optionally anonymous surveys provide you with new ways to capture and act on opinions and feedback, completing your overall employee engagement experience.

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