Employee Appreciation Day - March 3, 2016

As you might expect, Employee Appreciation Day is a big deal at Kudos. We love taking the day to really focus on our people. Below is a list of ideas for organizations of all sizes to do the same! 


We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not start Employee Appreciation Day off right with some grub from a local restaurant that all your employees love? Even simple gestures show your teammates that you like them a-latte. 

Personalized Appreciation Cards 

While we’re BIG fans of digital recognition, Grandma was definitely right about the impact of a handwritten note. Taking the time to send notes of appreciation to your teammates is a great way to show you care. Drawing attention to some of the great work your teammates have done is a wonderful way to reinvigorate your staff’s pride in their position.

Volunteerism and/or a Team Event 

Taking your team off-campus can be a great way to build camaraderie, further develop your company culture, and reinforce its values. Getting suggestions for company volunteer projects and/or team events is a great way to open the communication door.

Plant Appreciation Seeds

Adding some greenery to the office can really liven up the space. Gifting the team small plants such as bamboo or cacti is a wonderful gesture to show you’re committed to helping the staff grow and develop with the company. If climate permits, planting a tree outside the office serves as a special reminder of this promise.

Office Olympics

Although we don’t condone the majority of parties that took place on NBC’s The Office, we do love the idea of the Office Olympics. Break into teams, or all compete for the gold, in fun events that can take place inside or outside of your office.

Bring in a Local Cartoonist

As they say, laughter is the best medicine! Why not bring in an cartoonist or caricature artist and laugh together? As an added bonus, their work can then be displayed in the office as a reminder of the day.

Class Photo

Ask a photographer to come in and capture the moments that make your team what it is. A group photo is a wonderful token for your staff to bring home, and your company to keep on the wall. Making a  photo gallery of these images would also look great on Kudos!

If you have fun ways you’re spending Employee Appreciation Day, we’d love to hear them! Please let us know at 

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