SaaS Your Boss and Be a Hero: Five Intriguing Ways to Save the Day

Normally, sass won’t get you anywhere with the boss, but luckily there’s a new form of SaaS in town. Software as a Service (SaaS) is gaining popularity in virtually every industry, making it clear there are serious benefits to this new approach. Reason number one for 99% of companies is the huge cost savings of paying per user rather than having to buy millions of dollars of software upfront – not to mention the fact that said software will become obsolete sooner rather than later. The cost-benefit of SaaS is closely seconded by the benefit of quick deployment with zero additional infrastructure or support costs.

If you can make a case for switching to SaaS applications at your organization, you’ll be a hero. We’re here to offer a little help with five lesser known, but highly important, benefits of going SaaS:

1. Got Internet? You’ve Got Workspace.

When you’re across the world in Tokyo, it doesn’t matter that your head office is in New York City. You’re not chained to your desktop with SaaS. As long as you can get online, you can use your SaaS application. In most cases, you can access it on virtually any device with no loss of functionality. That’s true freedom to go global and let your company expand.

2. Never Sweat the Backups or Recovery

Even if the worst-case scenario doesn’t happen, any scenario where there’s data loss can be crippling to your business. SaaS is cloud-based, which means all your information is stored off-site at data centers so secure they make Alcatraz look like Disney Land. These data centers are ready for anything; perform the laborious task of routine back ups for you; and they also have recovery and business continuity plans in place.

3. High Usability & Adoption Rates

There’s no sense in spending millions on software nobody likes to use, and even less sense in also paying out more for training on an unfamiliar system. In contrast, SaaS applications have almost no learning curve. If your team is comfortable using the Internet, they’ll flourish in a SaaS environment.

4. Spectacular Service Guaranteed

Remember the adage ‘buyer beware’? It’s something you have to consider when buying enterprise software outright. There’s no real guarantee that once it’s up and running that it will perform well or never crash. SaaS is exactly the opposite, and since SaaS products are generally paid for on a monthly or annual subscription, the company you are subscribing to is very motivated to do whatever it takes to keep your business. This typically translates in to more attentive customer service, plus instant access to product improvements and updates. 

5. SaaS is the Future for Businesses of Every Size

Who says you can’t run with the big dogs? And who says the big dogs can’t be nibble? Since SaaS is all about paying for what you use when you’re using it, products that were previously only attainable by large corporations are now available to small and medium businesses. By the same token, the big guys reap serious flexibility and affordability benefits from SaaS, and now have the option to change solutions and providers more frequently.

All five of those reasons, and plenty more, are why so many companies are choosing Kudos as their employee engagement and social recognition partner. Our SaaS model makes our solution affordable, scalable and flexible. Big or small, global or local, our SaaS system will help you save more than money – you’ll also save team morale!

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