We loved Kudos® so much, we made it our career!

It’s not common to hear the words “staff retention” and  “no pay raise” in the same sentence.  And when you do, your instinctive response is… so what’s the trick?

After two years of listening to Franchisees in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry talk about the challenges of getting and retaining staffing, elevating the Guest experience, and having some sort of morale and culture in their stores, their answer was simply to increase staff wages and menu prices.  

This could not have taken them beyond a short-term fix.  The bigger task was to consider how to resolve these issues in the longer term, where a sustainable solution with positive impact would be felt across the board. Every store and every Associate needed to be involved.  

The true solution was no more complicated than recognizing and appreciating their staff in an authentic and meaningful way and one, which also promotes visibility. This dilemma also created an opportunity for us to evolve culture across the system that they had never seen before.  

We searched and discovered Kudos® in the Fall of 2015.  We tested and rolled out this social recognition platform, with the dream of taking corporate and store discussions to a new level, to begin shaping culture and developing people, retaining staff and increasing productivity, rather than going head to head constantly over wages.  It worked!

After just three months with Kudos® we surveyed the Associates.  Here are some of the highlights of what they shared with us:

  • Over 90% of Associates received Kudos® form their manager within the first 3 months.  
  • 75% of Associates sent recognition to their co-workers. 
  • Nearly 70% of Associates said they now feel recognized for their efforts at work, 
  • Nearly 50% would now decline an offer from a competing QSR.

As two VP’s of this QSR chain, we saw the power in Kudos® first hand.  We experienced how Kudos® shaped culture, inspired change and transformed the work- and life happiness of so many.  We became so passionate about this that we both decided that we wanted to do this every day.  We proudly formed OMB Dynamix and became an authorized Kudos® partner in North America.

Our passion is to help individuals experience a better balance in their lives.  We call it Workplace and Lifeplace happiness. We have seen the transformation that appreciation and recognition bring to an individual and how it can transcend the “9 to 5” of life. 

Recognition at work can positively impact the individual to being a better spouse, partner, parent and friend.  So ask yourself and your staff this: Would you like to be recognized more…. or less? I think we all know the answer! 

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