How to Promote Praise and Influence Engagement in the Workplace

When was the last time someone at work gave you recognition for a job well done? Count yourself lucky if you can remember, and extremely fortunate if recognition is frequent and regular. A well-executed recognition program is one piece of the foundation that creates long-lasting, sustainable employee engagement within organizations.

Recognition has an impact on everything from employee retention & churn to customer satisfaction, yet it is still common for employees to feel their best efforts are consistently being ignored.

  • What are the benefits of an effective recognition program?
  • How can you create a recognition-rich culture?
  • Who should give out recognition? Why?
  • When should you give out recognition?
  • Where should you give recognition?
  • How should you give recognition?

Find out how to inspire your executive team and managers to use the power of appreciation. Kudos President and Co-Founder Tom Short and TalentMap's SVP of Employee Engagement Norm Baillie-David talk about the ways recognition feeds into employee engagement and the types of initiatives and tools out there that leading businesses are using to boost engagement.


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