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January 30, 2024


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What are pulse surveys, how can they transform employee feedback into loyalty, and why are they so crucial for business success?

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We are witnessing a unique change in the workplace - the Great Stay. This shift in the labor market is unlike the more familiar Great Resignation., in fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Not long-ago employees were leaving their jobs at unprecedented rates, with trends like “quiet quitting” and “rage applying” making headlines. Today, employees are opting to remain with their current employers, even if they don’t want to.

This significant percentage of the workforce is staying put due to economic uncertainties and the fear of an unstable job market. This trend poses a critical challenge for organizations: how to identify and address what’s causing the hidden disengagement among employees who are physically present but may be mentally checked out.

Tools like pulse surveys that help measure employee engagement are indispensable – they serve not only as a barometer of employee sentiment but also as a guide for creating a more vibrant and productive workplace culture.

Now more than ever, HR leaders need to take full advantage of employee feedback tools to help understand their culture, keep employees engaged and productivity high. There’s a very simple way of knowing what your employees are thinking and feeling, and that’s by asking them.  

What is a pulse survey?

Pulse surveys are brief, frequent surveys that provide real-time insights into employee sentiment. Unlike traditional surveys, which can be lengthy and infrequent, pulse surveys are designed to be concise and constant, making them an invaluable tool for continuous employee feedback.  

The challenges with traditional pulse survey tools

While the value of pulse surveys is evident, their implementation sometimes poses challenges. Many tools available in the market require extensive configuration before they can be effectively deployed. This process can be time-consuming and may require a significant investment in terms of resources and training. Organizations often find themselves struggling with the complexity of setting up these surveys, which can delay the collection of critical employee feedback.

Recognizing these challenges, Kudos has designed its Pulse Survey feature to stand out in simplicity and ease of use. Unlike other tools that demand extensive setup, Kudos' Pulse Surveys are built with a minimal configuration approach so organizations can start gathering valuable employee feedback and plan actionable changes.” says Scott Sturgeon, Vice President of Technology at Kudos.  

Why do pulse surveys matter?

Traditional annual surveys often fail to capture the ongoing subtle shifts in employee sentiment. Pulse surveys offer a real-time barometer of employee engagement. They serve as a continuous feedback mechanism, helping organizations detect and respond to issues before it’s too late.  

In a time where disengagement might be silently brewing, pulse surveys act as an early warning sign, allowing companies to take proactive measures. They enable organizations to:  

  • Capture real-time feedback: Pulse surveys offer a snapshot of how employees feel at a given moment, allowing companies to react and adapt quickly.
  • Improve communication: These surveys open up new channels for communication between employees and management, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.
  • Enhance employee recognition: By understanding employee needs and concerns, organizations can tailor their recognition and rewards programs more effectively.
  • Foster a positive workplace culture: Regular feedback helps build a culture of openness and continuous improvement.

How pulse surveys transform employee feedback

Employee feedback is a critical component of a thriving workplace. By giving employees a voice and actively seeking their input, organizations not only gain valuable insights for improvement but also significantly boost employee loyalty.  

Promote better communication and transparency

Pulse surveys offer an open communication channel that show employees their opinions are valid, valued and considered.  When employees feel heard and their contributions are acknowledged, they are more likely to develop a strong emotional connection with the organization, leading to increased job satisfaction, commitment, and ultimately, heightened loyalty. Employee feedback is a cornerstone for building a loyal and dedicated workforce that trusts and believes in its organization.  

Gather and act on employee feedback

Pulse surveys introduce a dynamic, real-time approach to understanding and enhancing the employee experience. They offer a concise, frequent, and engaging way to capture the immediate sentiments of employees.  

This transformation allows companies to quickly identify and react to trends, issues, and opportunities within their workforce. As a result, feedback becomes an ongoing conversation rather than a periodic checkpoint, leading to more responsive and effective organizational changes. This real-time feedback mechanism empowers companies to build a more engaged workplace, and actively shapes a better company culture and employee experience.  

The role of eNPS in employee feedback

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a crucial metric for measuring employee loyalty and satisfaction. Pulse surveys are an excellent tool for regularly tracking eNPS, providing organizations with timely insights into employee advocacy and engagement levels. By regularly measuring eNPS through pulse surveys, companies can proactively address issues and bolster employee satisfaction.

Pulse surveys and employee recognition

Pulse surveys also play a crucial role in shaping effective employee recognition programs. By gathering direct feedback from employees, these surveys provide insights into what aspects of the recognition program are working and what needs improvement. This feedback helps organizations tailor their recognition strategies to better meet employee needs. The ability to continuously refine recognition programs based on real-time feedback ensures that they remain relevant and effective, aligning with the evolving expectations of everyone.  

Kudos' Pulse Surveys: simplicity, efficiency & insight

Kudos' Pulse Surveys feature is centered on accessibility and user-friendliness. The surveys are crafted to be straightforward, ensuring that employees can provide their feedback quickly and effortlessly. This also allows for faster implementation of feedback-driven actions through:  

  • Simplicity in survey creation: with a selection of meaningful questions, creating engaging and relevant pulse surveys becomes straightforward and efficient.
  • Generation of actionable insights: the feedback collected through pulse surveys isn’t merely data; it’s a valuable resource for implementing impactful changes within an organization.
  • Optimized survey design: the balance achieved in the design of these surveys by Kudos ensures their effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Kudos has revamped its People Analytics to offer deeper insights into organizational culture initiatives. This analytics platform transforms raw survey data into actionable intelligence. It allows organizations to benchmark, track trends, identify patterns, and understand the impact of their culture initiatives. By leveraging this, organizations can make informed decisions to enhance employee engagement, improve workplace culture, and drive positive change.

Embracing pulse surveys for a better workplace  

As organizations navigate the complexities of employee engagement, today’s workforce demands a new approach. With traditional engagement strategies proving to be less effective, Kudos Pulse Surveys provide an essential solution. It offers a quick, accurate, and user-friendly way to gauge and respond to employee sentiment, which is crucial for maintaining motivated and productive employees.  

Kudos is committed to helping organizations navigate these evolving challenges to ensure organizations are proactively addressing issues before it’s too late. With this innovative, easy-to-use pulse survey tool; employees voices are heard, feedback is analyzed and targeted solutions can be and implemented.  

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