Recognition Rules

Kudos emphasizes recognition because it encourages peer-to-peer connections that are more real – more about reinforcing positive behaviors that align with your values.

The Original Peer-To-Peer Recognition Solution

Kudos is based on the simple principle that it’s all about intrinsic motivation. There is something inside each and every one of us that wants to be recognized for what we do. With Kudos, your employees begin celebrating their wins both big and small:

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Awards, Badges, & Certificates

Commemorate and celebrate notable events and outstanding achievements with custom awards, badges and certificates. Each badge even includes a printable certificate along with a whole lot of publicity on the team wall.

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Years of Service and Birthdays

With Kudos you'll never miss a chance to celebrate! Kudos automatically sends out customizable emails and Kudos points to your employees on these special occasions along with a message on the team wall so everyone can take part in the celebration.

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Video Recognition

The choice is yours. Type a great personal recognition message or capture it on video! Kudos’ iOS and Android apps both allow you to record video recognition. If you’ve used another device to record your video, no problem! Simply upload your video as an attachment on the web application and your video will be seen on the wall for everybody to enjoy. Video recognition takes your employee experience program to the next level!

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Customizable Rewards

Every individual and every organization is unique in how they see rewards and recognition working in their team. Whether you’re looking for recognition with or without rewards, we have a solution that does not have to break the bank.