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Access support via phone, chatbot or email to get answers when you need them. Support is available to your entire organization – no extra burden on IT here!

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Advice and answers from the Kudos team at your fingertips. From account administration to platform customization, engagement ideas and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!

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Get inspired with Kudos culture guides

The world of HR is constantly evolving – it can be hard to keep up. Kudos regularly releases in-depth culture guides to help you design and build a thriving workplace culture.

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We make it easy for you to keep up with the latest updates and additions to your Kudos platform. Every month you’ll get a complete overview delivered right to your inbox, along with tips, tricks, ideas, and other resources to help make the most of your recognition program.

Plan your work, work your plan

There’s nothing you can’t accomplish with a solid plan in place. We’ll work with you to build a recognition strategy that leverages everything Kudos has to offer, geared toward your objectives and values.

Strategic Engagement Planning

Recognition can mean the difference between people doing their job and loving their job.

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Culture Guide

Kudos 2023 Celebrations Calendar

Use this guide to plan your celebrations and campaigns (hashtags included!)

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