Employee Sentiment Surveys

Measure workplace pulse, engagement & experience

Act on real data ⁠– not speculation

No single cultural indicator is more important than how your employees feel. Monthly, anonymous Sentiment Surveys (pulse surveys) can reveal pivotal information about the current mood, engagement and experience in your organization - helping you to steer things in the right direction.

Gain direct knowledge of employee wellbeing

Your Kudos Dashboard gives you the ability to look at employee sentiment levels using a variety of lenses. Interpreting how your team is feeling is easy when you combine aggregate sentiment data with written feedback from the built-in form.

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Give your culture a chance to shine

How you recognize your employees should reflect your unique culture. We built the Kudos platform as highly configurable because impactful recognition requires authenticity. Check out all the ways you can put your values, goals, and brand at the forefront of your recognition experience.

Make Kudos Your Own

Recognition can mean the difference between people doing their job and loving their job.

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