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Engage Employees, Anytime & Everywhere

iPhone, Android & Mobile Web

Small screens mean big employee engagement results. We put social recognition and appreciation in the palm of your hand anywhere, anytime, on any device. Best of all, there’s no loss of functionality.

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Give Recognition Quickly & Easily

The Kudos mobile interface is optimized for simple and intuitive giving. You’ll also be able to check out the recognition and Awards given to you.

Communicate & Connect with Everyone

Comment, send and receive feedback, view wall activity and see who’s on the Kudos leaderboard in just a few taps.

Engage Remote Teams

Recognize outstanding work from anywhere by sending recognition and messages. Kudos Awards also include an iconic Badge and a printable certificate.

Redeem Rewards On The Go

Access your Rewards shopping cart from anywhere, and redeem Kudos Points for whatever suits your fancy.

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Mobile is Only the Beginning...

Kudos Lets You Recognize in Any Work Environment

Regular access to a computer isn’t part of every job description, but that doesn’t mean Kudos isn’t a possibility. We’ve got lots of solutions for making sure everyone gets Kudos.

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Kudos TV

KudosTV is a constant stream of Kudos that focuses on the key elements of a message: the person, the level of Kudos and the values. Place monitors in high traffic areas to encourage Kudos use and to showcase your culture to clients and visitors.

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Kudos Kiosk

Setup any computer as a Kudos Kiosk. Employees without computer access can log in to their unique account and access all the features. Kudos Kiosk pairs perfectly with KudosTV for showcasing recognition messages.

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Kudos Cards

Paper Kudos enables employees in every sector of the business to participate in the recognition program, regardless of access to a computer. Paper Kudos can be sent and received in any setting to be entered into the system at a later date.

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